Instructional Programs


If you have ever thought about designing or making your own shoes, you've come to the right place. I am a master cordwainer (shoemaker) and have been teaching the craft for many years.

A primary passion of mine is to revitalize, preserve and advance the crafts of footwear and accessory making. I want to help individuals acquire and develop the skills/knowledge needed for any relative pursuit they might have related, be it their own brand, a position with


an established design house, or simply exploring a new hobby.

To this end, I offer various footwear and accessory related instructional programs that address a wide range of interests and cater to everyone, from beginners to professional. There are presentations such as "How To Become a footwear design" and hands-on courses that move participants thoroughly and seamlessly through the various construction processes. All are designed to make learning the crafts of footwear and accessory making more enjoyable, far less daunting endeavors.

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