About Our Collections

The Ready-Mades


These offerings, footwear, accessories, etc., feature select models in specific materials, colors and standard sizes. As the term suggests, they are produced and inventoried in advance so that they are immediately available for shipping upon purchase. Ready-made models that are currently available can be found in the "Holiday Sale" collection gallery.

The Bespokes


The term "bespoke", in most instances, is synonymous with custom. It comes from the English tradition of setting aside materials a client has chosen for a custom item. These materials are then said to "be spoken for", hence "bespoke". At RONDONOVAN, we offer three types of bespoke products, "made-to-orders", "originals" and "made-to-measures". Each is described as below:


Made-To-Order (MTO) (See collection galleries for pricing per model):

Offers existing styles in standard sizes that you can customize with toe shapes, materials, colors and details.


Original (Footwear charge of $400 + Development charge of $1,000): 

Offers the ultimate in customization. Beyond choosing the toe shape, materials, color and details offered with our MTO', get to truly express yourself by creating almost any style you can envision.

Made-To-Measure (MTM) (Footwear charge-MTO/Original  + Last charge of $1,500):

Offers the customization of either our MTOs or Originals plus the creation of a last (mold) specific to your measurements. The result is a more personalized fit.


All of our bespoke products require lead-times which are determined when your order is placed. Take a look through our "Shop The Collections" galleries to see just a sampling of the wide range of possibilities.

Whether "ready-made" or "bespoke", the high quality of our products is evident upon sight and confirmed upon one's first handling.