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I am enamored with artists and am blessed to be surrounded by tremendous talent. Many of my family and friends are accomplished dancers, actors, singers, musicians, writers, designers, painters and even a gifted surgeon. Despite having always been quite creative, I never really considered pursuing any artistic professions. In fact, my initial career path was quite mainstream and technical.

However, as is often the case, I eventually happened upon my passion, and current career as a cordwainer (shoemaker). I am now an accomplished craftsman and think of myself as more of an artist. I love the energy that radiates from artists and the responses that we can elicit through our crafts. There is nothing greater to behold then when artists combine talents; magic is unleashed. This is one reason cross-genre creative collaborations have become all the rage.

With each piece I create, I strive to transcend simply making footwear or accessories. My goal is to create beauty that evokes emotion. For a long time, I have thought it would be extremely interesting to see what other artists would see in, and do with, my highly crafted work. Since two of the hallmarks of my products are my hand-staining and overall finishing, I knew collaborating with painters would probably be phenomenal.

So, I was intrigued when a mutual friend informed me that renowned French fine artist Antoine Gerber was a fan of my footwear and was interested in a possible collaboration. I truly believe that real beauty can be produced when energies are in sync. And from our very first conversation, Antoine and I hit it off marvelously. I knew that we were in creative alignment and, that together, we would produce something great. I am ecstatic with the result and am happy to introduce my first artist collaboration, The Antoine Gerber Limited Collection.

Antoine Gerber's Le Dragon (65 x 100cm)

The Antoine Gerber Limited Collection 


This collection of "wearable art" features my RONDONOVAN Malibu Alto, Claudia Basso and Lauren Basso trainers as the blank canvases on which Monsieur Gerber realizes some of his artistic visions.

There are eight (8) different compositions. Each features a unique abstract design and is limited to twenty-five (25) pairs. Each made-to-order pair will be signed and numbered. 


Visit our website at to see the collection and the incredible elegance that comes from merging fine artistry with old world craftsmanship. 

Model #1

The Artist: Antoine Gerber


Antoine Gerber is a French fine artist based in Paris. He is the son of an actress mother and a father who worked in cinema. He was immersed in the artistic world from a very young age, letting himself be carried away by abstract painting. He was particularly drawn to the likes of Nicolas De Stael, Pollock, Miro, Salvador Dali, Kandinsky and Picasso for the energy that they manage to transmit through their paintings. Antoine says that he paints because it is his desire, his passion and that he wants, through his paintings, to offer happiness with the heart.



Instagram: @gerberantoine


Antoine working on the collection

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