How It All Works


Our "In Stock Now" and "Made-To-Order" products can be purchased by going to the "SHOP" pages of this website. 


For RONDONOVAN "Customized Made-To-Order", "Original", and "Made-To-Measure" products, just follow the steps below. It's as easy as 1,2,3...


STEP 1) Schedule Your Appointment:

Appointments can be either in-person (depending on location) or virtual (Telephone, WhatsApp or Zoom). To schedule, simply contact us by telephone at 646.232.5618 or email at

STEP 2) Design Your Footwear:

During your appointment, one of our experienced designers will assist you in creating your perfect "solemates". You will be guided in:

- Determining your proper sizing (non-MTM)

- Choosing your desired model

- Choosing the most appealing corresponding last (toe-shape)

- Choosing your materials and colors 

- Choosing your desired finishes

- Choosing from a variety of other details (Vibram rubber soles, laces, personalization)

STEP 3) Sit Back and Let Us Do What We Do:

Your unique creations will be hand-crafted in our Italian factory and delivered to you in a specified amount of time (determined at time of order contingent upon production loads).