Collection Offerings


RONDONOVAN offers various collections of ready-made and bespoke categories of products. The following are descriptions of each:

"In Stock Now" (Priced as listed):

These are ready-made products featuring specific models, materials, colors, and standard sizes, and are currently IN inventory.

(Available for immediate delivery)

"Made-To-Orders" (Priced as listed):


These bespoke products also feature specific models, materials, colors, and standard sizes, but are made only once an order is made. (Delivery requires 4-6 weeks)

"Customized Made-To-Orders" (Priced as listed + 20%):

This option enables you to customize made-to-order products to your personal tastes. Upon choosing a specific existing model, you can choose from various toe shapes, materials, colors and other details. (Delivery requires 4-6 weeks)

"Originals" (Development charge of $1,400 & up): 

Our originals offer the ultimate in the bespoke experience. Release your inner designer by creating almost any style you can envision. You can choose from various toe shape, materials, color and other details. Your original designs are then built in the most appropriate standard size. (Delivery requires 6-8 weeks)

"Made-To-Measures" (Offering cost + "Last" charge of $1,500 & up):

Enables you to add a customized fit to your bespoke footwear. A last, a mold over which shoes are created, will be crafted reflecting YOUR specific measurements and used to made each pair of your shoes. (Delivery requires 9-12 weeks)