• Ron Donovan

"Footprint": The Evolution Of The Trainer

Athletic looking footwear has come a long way. Not so long ago, rubber soled sneakers were relegated to gyms and sports activities. However, a new generation of norm influencers has now made it not only acceptable, but fashionable to wear sneakers in ways and places they weren't before. 

Sneakers started making their way into the workplace on casual Friday and have now become part of standard office attire. They have even made their way into more formal environments.

I, too, wanted the same comfort, feel and relaxed look of the new sneaker trend. However, as a man of a certain age, I also had the desire and necessity to maintain a more distinctively elegant and sophisticated esthetic. 

As it turns out, there are many of you with the same style, tastes and preferences. So, I designed and introduced the RONDONOVAN trainer collections.

Our elegant look is achieved by combining luxury materials (we use only the highest quality leathers, suedes, patents, metallic, etc.) with craftsmanship typically associated with fine classic footwear. 

Attention to details, like waxed cotton laces, kidskin linings and embroidered signature truly differentiate our trainers from the rest.  

You might note that I use the term trainers versus sneakers. This is because I feel it denotes and reflects a higher standard of product.

Our signature collections are our hand-stained calfskins and we also offer a wide range of exotics, such as python, ostrich and alligator. The result is footwear that is quite versatile, easily worn with anything from a pair of well-worn shorts to a formal tuxedo.

Our bespoke (made-to-order) trainers offer you the ability to express your personal style. You can select from well curated models, materials and details to create trainers that reflect your unique individuality. 

To purchase our trainers or get more information, simply visit us at, contact us by email at or by telephone at +1.646.232.5618.

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