Our e-cards are presented in a PDF format and delivered to the recipient via email to the address and on the day specified by the purchaser.



  • STEP 1- Select the type of card


    STEP 2- Chose the card amount


    STEP 3- Give us the details:

    - Your name and email

    - The occasion (Birthday, Anniversary, Father's Day, Wedding, Etc.)

    - Recipient's name, and email (if eCard)

    - Date you would like card delivered (if eCard)

    Add your personalized gift card to the your cart and complete the purchase. Physical cards will be send out via tradtional mail and e-cards will be delivery via email on the date you specify.


    Recipients can then redeem their cards simply by contacting us at info@rondonovandesigns.com or 646.232.5618.

  • - Gift Cards are non-refundable and non-transferable

    - Gift Cards cannot be exchanged for cash

    - Gift Card values can be applied to and available to any publicly offered product or service

    - Gift Card holder is responsible for paying any difference if purchase price is above the eGift Card value

    - Credit towards future purchases will be given for any difference if purchase price is below the eGift Card Value

    - Are valid one (1) year from date of purchase

    - We are not responsible for lost or stolen certificates.