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Regardless the type or function of your group/organization, I can develop a program(s) that will help enhance the performance of individual members, or the collective. Depending on YOUR  group's/organization's unique needs, programs can range from a group talk/session to individual sessions for each team member. To get started, book an exploratory consultation TODAY...



In our initial session, you and I will take the first steps to realizing your desired outcomes. The primary objectives will be for:


- Me to uncover what you may be facing and/or the specific outcomes you want to actualize and determine if I can indeed help you.

- You to get a greater understanding of who I am and what I have to offer.

- Us to mutually determine if we connect, are a good fit, and feel that working together can produce the results we desire.



With the information I gather from our initial consultation, if necessary, I will develop a program that meets your specific desires, then present you with a program proposal. This program proposal will clearly outline the outcome(s) we intend to actualize, an overview of our process, a specific timeline, and any other relevant information.



Coaching sessions are billed primarily on an hourly basis. In addition to single sessions, 5 and 10 session packages are available with discounts of  10% and 20%, respectively off single session rates.


The costs of ersonalized programs will be determined based on your program's requirements, which will be clearly stated in the proposal. The fee for our initial consultation will be 100% applied towards your program cost when you commit within 30 days.



Due to Covid concerns and protocols, current conversations are being held via either telephone or ZOOM. If necessary, we can discuss alternative platforms.


***Please be sure provide your name, e-mail, and a telephone number as requested, to insure we can contact you to set an appointment that's mutually convenient.***


I look forward to speaking with you. I thrive on helping YOU succeed... 

Performance Elevation (Group)

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