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Each relationship is unique, and therefore requires a different focus and/or approach. However, it is my experience that whether romantic, familial, professional or social, the foundation of any relationship is comprised of communication and understanding. In fact it is said, that the majority of the difficulties and conflicts in the world can be attributed to breakdowns in these two areas.


This is why communication is usually my initial focus when I begin working on relationships. Good communication consists of listening, hearing, comprehension, and empathy on both sides. But this cannot occur without first acknowledging the various combinations of languages and "dialects" that each individual speaks (this explained in detail in our sessions). One of the most prominent and problematic language differences that exists is historically between men and women, "Mars" and "Venus". 


I have dedicated myself to learning as many "languages" and "dialects" as possible, particularly "Martian" and "Venusian", as I call them. This enables me to bridge and calm the troubled waters that can develop in so many relationships.


Bridging communication gaps tends to make resolution of any other relationship issues far easier. Want to know more? Click below and let's get started...

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