Ron Donovan


Ron Donovan is the founder, creative director and chief shoe builder of RONDONOVAN Footwear & Accessories Inc. After graduating from the Georgia Institute of Technology, he worked in technical design and sales for Fortune 500 companies.


However, yielding to a burning desire for entrepreneurship, he soon left a blossoming corporate career in search of what would be his “right livelihood”. His natural inclinations eventually lead him to fashion industry.

A perfect example of “necessity being the mother of invention”, Donovan began to focus on shoe-making because of his inability to find stylish high-quality footwear for his size 15 ½ feet. Realizing that his was a frustration shared by many, he became passionate about filling this void in the industry. Relying upon his technical background and stylish sensibilities, Donovan began teaching himself the craft of shoe-making. He literally tore apart old shoes to understand their construction. He soon became proficient at making rudimentary shoes and expanded his abilities while working with old-world French and Italian craftsmen in the South of France and Italy. Upon returning to New York, he met two gentlemen with nearly 100 years of combined shoe-making experience between them. These gentlemen became his mentors, and under their tutelage, Donovan transformed himself from a maker of simple homemade shoes into a master craftsman.


Now with nearly 20 years of experience, Donovan continues to design and produce footwear, accessories and apparel under his signature label, RONDONOVAN, as well as for a number of other prominent luxury brands. He has also served as director of couture for a 7th Avenue couturier, is an FGI Rising Star Finalist and is committed to sharing the craft of shoe-making through teaching his own classes and at various colleges and universities, including FIT and Parsons.