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- Are you looking to realize more of your potential?

- Are you having difficulty producing a particular outcome?

As your outcome actualization coach, I can help you manifest almost any outcome you might desire. Some areas of my particular focus are dating, relationships, life pivoting, adversity coping/resiliency training, and image development/refinement. 


Many of us have goals that sometimes feel unattainable, or areas of our lives that we might find challenging to transform. Fortunately, our potential and ability to realize these desires are usually far greater than we believe. It's just that pushing through by ourselves can, at times, be daunting and challenging.

But, you don't have to go it alone. I will listen to truly "hear and understand" you, I will be there to support you, and hold you accountable through it allThere is nothing like the joy of accomplishing what you might not have believed you could...

Personal evolution is the process of moving from one to another, usually more advanced, state. The ideal for most is to reach a state of wellbeing, where one has soul-filling joyhealth, and happiness. For many, this balanced alignment is often attached to the achievement of certain individual goals.

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Whether you are looking to simply date more frequently or effectively, seeking a committed relationship or wanting to attract your soulmate, I am here for you...

Success in dating and relationship building/maintenance almost always starts with "self". I typically start with helping you identify who YOU are, assessing and establishing what type of partner and relationship you truly want/need (developing your criteria list), helping you prepare yourself for just such a relationship, then helping you take the steps to attract exactly what you have envisioned. 

Part of this process is helping you communicate in ways that enable you to better understand potential companions, connect confidently and authentically to ultimately establish mutually happy, healthy and rewarding relationships

I will help you develop a mindset, self-image and confidence that leads to long-term success, not only in dating and relationships but across all aspects of your life.

If this sounds like an approach you feel works for you, click below and let's get started...




You have built an amazing professional career, maybe you have raised or are raising incredible children. Maybe you've recently just completed a stellar collegiate career and are settling into your dream job. You have excelled at everything you've ever done in your life. You have great friends, travel extensively and can afford almost any accoutrement. YET, you still do not have the relationship you desire. You probably just need a little guidance...


I am well versed in the "Martian" language of men. I have lived innately in my predominant masculine ("Mars") energy, and have worked hard to truly understand it. I have also studied and been greatly influenced by the countless familial, platonic, romantic and professional female relationships that I have had. As a result, I also have a tremendous connection with my own feminine ("Venus" ) energy and a pretty solid understanding of the "Venusian" language that women speak. 


How does this benefit YOU?


Being fluent in my native "Martian", and proficient in the "Venusian" makes me uniquely able to interpret "Martian" language and behavior in a manner that will resonate for you. While each individual speaks a combination of his/her own personal "dialects", I will help you better understand just what most men want, think and need; to see hidden intentions, trepidations and motivations.


In addition to "language" challenges, many dating/relationship interactions don't evolve because those involved often make simple mistakes they aren’t even aware of. I draw from my extensive experience and learning to identify the things that could be holding you back, and help you affect any necessary transformations.

I get it, even the thought of dating can feel incredibly heavy at times. And you, like most of us, have had your share of disappointments. But, I’m here to tell you, this doesn't have to be your continued reality.


I will help empower you with the knowledge, skills and confidence necessary to relay your intrinsic authentic value. Which, in turn, will enable you to organically "attract", establish and nurture a relationship matching YOUR vision (physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and financially).

And why do I care? 

Simply stated, I am a romantic, I love love. I am fortunate to have experienced some amazing romantic relationships in my life and while there have been challenges, I have learned much and am continually evolving. I truly believe that one of my primary purposes in life is to help facilitate mutually rewarding love relationships for others. So, if you are ready to receive the relationship you deserve, click below and let's get started... 




- Gentlemen, are you meeting women that match the vision you have for yourself?

- If you find yourself in the presence of such women, are YOU equipped to attract them, to engage and transform a simple interaction into something more?

- Do you get first dates with the women, but no more?

- Or, are you constantly getting relegated to the "friend zone"?


If any of this resonates or sounds familiar, I am here to help...

Let's face it, the dating landscape has changed drastically in these times of "Me Too", extremely independent women, blurred gender roles, and societal value shifts. Programming like, The Bachelor/Bachelorette, The Real Housewives and 90 Day Fiancé has skewed many people's, women's AND men's, expectations of what good partners and relationships really look like. 


Unfortunately, dating, in many instances has become a competitive sport with ambiguous "contact rules". And, regrettably, the success you experience in other aspects of life does not always translate to dating. 


Listen, I am a true "Martian". In fact, many even consider me to be a quintessential "man's man". Yet, it is the extensive effort that I have put into understanding "Venus" and her "Venusian" language that will most benefit YOU. I will help you better understand just what women want, think and need. I will help you see what gets and keeps their attention, what impresses them, and what doesn't.


In short, I will help you authentically align who you are with the type of woman you want. I will help you avoid the dating/relationship mistakes many men make but aren’t aware of. I will empower you with knowledge, skills and confidence to obtain the relationship you've been seeking. 


If you are ready to get off the sidelines and find out how, click below and let's get started...



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Each relationship is unique, and therefore requires a different focus and/or approach. However, it is my experience that whether romantic, familial, professional or social, the foundation of any relationship is comprised of communication, empathy, and understanding. In fact it is said, that the majority of the difficulties and conflicts in the world can be attributed to breakdowns in these areas.


This is why communication is usually my initial focus when I begin working on relationships. Good communication consists of listening, hearing, comprehension, and empathy on both sides. But this cannot occur without first acknowledging the different combinations of languages and "dialects" that each individual speaksOne of the most prominent and problematic language differences that exists is historically between men and women, "Mars" and "Venus". 


I have dedicated myself to learning as many "languages" and "dialects" as possible, particularly "Martian" and "Venusian", as I call them. This enables me to bridge and calm the troubled waters that can develop in so many relationships.


Bridging communication gaps tends to make resolution of any other relationship issues far easier. Want to know more? Click below and let's explore...








Our world is constantly and rapidly changing. And as a result, more than ever, many are finding it necessary to make major life pivots. Whether related to work, home, relationships, or finances, change can often be challenging. 

Together, we will thoroughly assess the changes you're looking to make, or determine if changes need to be made at all. I will be your journey partner as you move through your evolution process. 




As humans, from time-to-time, each of us encounters some type of hardships, challenges, or setbacks. Most of the time, we simply deal with them and keep moving through. However, inevitably, something pops up in our lives that we can't shake so easily, be it a major illness, loss of a loved one, a shift in finances, etc. Sometimes we just need help.


I will help you develop a mindset and approaches that will enable you to more efficiently navigate and exit troubled waters. I will help you work with the mental, emotional, and spiritual tools you already possess, and develop the ones you need. And as much, or as little as you want or need, I will be there to support, guide and/or hold you accountable.



- Do you like how the world sees you?

- Is it consistent with how you see yourself, or want to be seen?


If not, you can make it so. 


Image can be defined simply as the general impression that a person, organization, or product presents to the public. We can not control or dictate exactly how others see us, however we can absolutely influence their opinions by showing what we think of ourselves.


I have come to believe that each of us has three "selves", the self as created, the self we create, and the self that society creates for us. We are our most authentic selves when these three are aligned. But sometimes, this might require a bit of re-aligning, or even re-invention.


Once we have established the essence of who you are, have been, and determined if it has/continues to serve you, we will work to develop an outer image that most accurately reflects the inner you. Together, you, my team, and I will develop a program specifically for you, consisting of some combination of the following components:

Wardrobe Styling/Personal Shopping  

I can help you refine, edit, and enhance your existing look and wardrobe, or help your build entirely new ones altogether. 


Experienced professional hair stylists, estheticians, makeup artists, etc. will help you enhance or create a healthy, attractive appearance consistent with who you feel yourself to be.

Physical Development

Health, fitness and wellness professionals across disciples will help you achieve the healthy, attractive physique you envision.

Presence Training

I will help you stand out in any setting. As needed, we will address areas such as carriage, etiquette, and social/emotional intelligence in order to increase your overall confidence.



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