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  An Actualization Guide, Mentor & Coach

In the fast pace of modern life, far too many people are expressing dissatisfaction with

their lives and feelings of lack of control over them. Some have even come to believe that being, doing, and having what they want are simply out of reach.

I established THESOULSTRATEGIST to help people reclaim control over their lives

personally, relationally, and professionally.

I help them discover and activate their innate powers of creation, actualize the life outcomes they desire, and navigate their lives more efficiently and effectively.

I accomplish this primarily by sharing the insights, wisdom, knowledge, processes, strategies, and tools I have gleaned from a lifetime of diverse experiences, intentional learning,

and qualitative research.

I have established a track record of accurately assessing situations, uncovering their "root" causes, and subsequently formulating solutions that produce positive results.

Let me put my abilities to work for YOU.

I will help get you from where you are to where you want to be...

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The Soul

One's soul is the essence of their individuality, their most authentic self. It encompasses our reason, beliefs, character, feelings, and behavior. It is also the place where most of our deepest desires originate. While souls differ distinctly from mindsets, the two are very closely connected. Our mindsets are where the creation, or impediment, of our soul's desires begin.

The Strategist

A strategist is one who helps pinpoint desired outcomes, assesses the paths to reach them, develops a plan, then mobilizes the resources to execute focused actions. 

As TheSOULstrategist, I help people actualize the personal, relational, and/or professional outcomes they desire.



An excerpt from "The Journey" with Pastor Mike (FCBCNYC)

My primary focus is helping people reclaim control of their lives, to self-actualize, and elevate their lives mentally, spiritually, emotionally, physically, socially, and financially. I help them discover and activate their innate powers of creation to actualize the life outcomes they desire.

Every occurrence in our lives, whether positive or negative, right or wrong, is created by energy. This energy is described by many names, usually depending upon one’s faith system. Some include, "spiritual energy", "the creator", "the universe", and "God". While I predominantly use the term "Divine energy", there are times when I use others interchangeably. However, if any of these terms disturbs or does not feel good and right to you, simply substitute it for one that does.


Regardless of one’s religious or spiritual belief system, Divine energy exists within each of us and shapes our lives in remarkable ways. Through our connections to it, we can direct it to co-create the things we want. Unfortunately, most don't know they have this power, or have the mindset to implement the laws and principles that govern them.

Mindset determines how we show up and perform for the situations, opportunities, challenges we encounter daily. 

Despite our greatest efforts, obstacles are simply a part of life. They often come unannounced and in varying sizes and difficulty. Some are relatively easy to transcend, while others can feel just too large to overcome, or even comprehend on our own. This is where I come in. I help guide, empower, and support my clients in getting beyond their challenges.

The origins of many of the challenges and hinderances that we face, can be traced back to our own deep-rooted traumas, experiences, and the resulting emotions. Emotions like anxiety, fear, and stress can produce self-doubt, overthinking, second guessing, feelings of inadequacy, impostor syndrome, and other limiting thoughts.  

I work with my clients to understand who they are, what they are, where they are in their lives, how they got there, and where they ultimately want to be. This enables me to develop customized plans to align their mindsets and actions with their desired outcomes. I then work with them in implementing their plan. 


Components of each plan includes the establishment of their objectives, a listing of the strategies, processes, tools, and tasks to be implemented, and a clear set of evaluation metrics

A key tool I use in this process is an actualization formula I've developed called "The Creation Code". It helps my clients make empowering changes to live more fully, successfully, and abundantly.  


The Creation Code:

Visualize + Focus + Direct + Connect = Creation


I Am Currently Accepting New:
- Individual and Corporate Clients

Areas of Focus Include:


- General Life Navigation/Elevation

- Specific Outcome Actualization

- Mindset Development and/or Management

- Situation Management/Coping (Pivots, Transitions, Challenges, Adjustments, Etc.)
- Creating Enduring Confidence
- Increasing Discipline, Motivation and Inspiration
- Conquering Procrastination
- Nurturing General Well-being (Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, and Physical)          
- Increasing Social/Emotional Intelligence

- Personal Presentation (Brand Development/Image Alignment)

- Refining Comportment and Deportment

- Developing Positive/Healthy Masculinity (Developing Modern Gentlemen)

Relationship Attraction and Navigation (Men/Women)
- "Womanese": Helping Men Understand Feminine Nature, Language, and Actions
- "Manspeak": Helping Women
Understand Masculine Nature, Language, and Actions


- Entrepreneurial Support

- Individual Performance Elevation In The Workplace

          - Identifying and utilizing personal assets

          - Identifying and transforming personal challenges/liabilities 

          - Developing more effective communication skills

          - Increasing personal efficiency and productivity

          - Developing workplace increased confidence and leadership abilities

          - Developing workplace specific social/emotional intelligence  

          - Improving states of individual well-being in the workplace

- Corporate Performance Elevation Programs (individuals and teams)

          - BIPOC specific programs



I have been where many people are today, looking to gain control of their lives. I am blessed to have solid advisors, mentors, coaches, and supporters in my life that I can call upon to help me be the person I strive to be; one constantly vibrating at higher and higher levels.


Unfortunately, there are many far less fortunate than I, who are moving "rudderlessly" through life's uncharted waters with little to no real guidance in navigating their way. Most probably feel a void, but don't really know what they're missing or where to turn to find it. It is my mission to help as many people as possible find and maintain more positive and satisfying courses that elevate their lives. TheSOULstrategist is the vehicle I established to assist a wider audience in need of this type of support.



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My approach/style is uniquely holistic, meaning that I take into account ALL the facets that make up the individual. Personally, I am an amalgamation of the empirical, the methodical, the intuitive, the physical, and the spiritual. A large part of my approach is connecting with the Divine energies that exist in each of us, then understanding and utilizing the laws/principles that govern these energies to actualize my client's life desires.

Actualization of any outcome most often begins with one's mindset. Mindset is particularly important as it reflects the visions, words, attitudes, thoughts, beliefs, opinions, assumptions, and the methods we employ. It ultimately shapes our habits, and subsequently, what we think, feel, focus on, do, and create. It helps define our individual identities, our souls.


As part of directing mindset, I focus heavily on the importance of managing sensory intake, refining visions, adjusting language, and developing perspectives/processes at the conscious level that imprint positively on the subconscious, and ultimately actualize through the superconscious, the center of creation we each possess.

Another key aspect of my approach is "critical thinking". I am a results driven critical thinker who, when necessary, will tell you what you may not want to hear and illuminate what you may not want to see, so that you can become who, and accomplish what you might not have believed you could.


I am a proven voice of reason, a provider of perspective, a developer of direction, and a facilitator of hope and faith.


I am a creative man of solid spirituality and faith, who is continuously striving to be a more thoughtful, understanding, compassionate, nurturing, and "at peace" human being. 

Over the years, I have developed a personal mindset balanced by faith, logic, and creativity. This mindset joined with the tools I have acquired and cultivated along my journey equip me to help others consistently produce successes.

If any of this resonates with you, click here to schedule your initial consultation and let's get started...




To be clear, I am NOT a therapist. I AM a guide, a mentor, a coach, a motivator, a supporter, and more. As such, my most compelling qualifications are:

My Diverse Life Experiences

It is said that "experience is the best teacher, and the worst experiences teach the best lessons". Well, my life's experiences and all I've gleaned from them have truly taught me well. My personal experiences and interactions over the years have been diverse, unique, and innumerable. There have been tremendous successes, potentially devastating challenges, and significant lessons. Each has provided its own unique and invaluable insights, wisdom, and perspectives. 

My Academic Training

I am a graduate of The Georgia Institute of Technology, one of the most competitive and prestigious universities in the world. The education and training I received there and subsequently through the years have produced a mindset and skills that enable me to see most situations from myriad perspectives, then process the information to produce solutions for myself and all those I work with.

My Continuous Education 

I am an eternal student, an intentional learner, and qualitative engager. In addition to my own experiences and situations, I am continuously observing, researching, analyzing, and just experiencing everything around me. I work extremely hard to remain open to seeing things from as many varied perspectives as possible. I take pride in continuously evolving, and as I do, I and those around me benefit.

My Spirituality and Faith

I am a man of solid spirituality and faith. Many may see these attributes as contradictory to my logical and analytical mind. However, I see them all as inherently complimentary and mutually essential to all human existence. In fact, I strongly believe that we must visualize desired outcomes BEFORE there is any evidence of them. Sometimes, we must see and believe beyond the "facts", and even in the face of contradictory "evidence".


Our spirituality leads us to our beliefs, our beliefs form the foundations for our faith, and these all subsequently contribute to our mindsets. I rely heavily on my spirituality and faith, and where relevant, help those I work with to identify and utilize their own faith (whatever that may be) in realizing their goals

My Nature

The essence of my nature is caring, empathetic, nurturing, intuitive, and compassionate. These attributes are balanced by my focused drive and undergird my ability to be understanding and supportive while keeping my clients focused and moving on task.


My Prior Work and Results

I have worked with and produced quantifiable successes for myself and countless others. Whether helping deal with a particular situation, make an important life pivot, achieve a specific goal, or find a soulmate, I thrive on helping my clients create THEIR desired outcomes. Working with me gets results!!!

This all said, YOU are the best judge of whether I'm qualified to help YOU. If I sound like the type of journey partner you're looking for, click here to discover more about what I offer and get started...



Too often, coaching is sought only when there is an acute issue, challenge or difficulty. However, it can actually be a vital component of one's overall personal development and life elevation/enhancement. It has been directly tied to excellence in almost every field of human endeavor and is integral in taking success to higher levels, and ultimately, mastery. So, who benefits from coaching? Basically, EVERYONE!!!

Even many of the world's most "successful" and notable individuals have publicly acknowledged engaging personal coaches to help them "up their game" from time to time.

As your GMC, I will:

  • Be your confidant and sounding board

  • Help you identify, reframe or re-direct your visions, thoughts, attitudes, and processes where necessary

  • Help you develop a balanced mindset that aligns with YOUR beliefs, values and goals

  • Help you elevate your performance across the board or in a particular area

  • Tell you like it is and provide clear, impartial, objective perspectives

  • Look for things in you that you may not see in yourself

  • Help you identify and improve upon your strengths, talents and gifts

  • Help you identify and transform any limiting habits and challenges

  • Help you increase your confidence

  • Help motivate you to take action

  • Help you avoid making unoriginal mistakes

  • Be your journey partner and cheerleader

  • Be your accountability partner

Whatever outcomes YOU would like to actualize, I will help you get results. Click here and let's get started...

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I have developed and host a number of virtual discussions and other programs related to general and specific personal, relational, and professional issues. To find out more, click here.

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In some way, shape, or form, I have been publicly guiding, training, speaking for as long as I can remember. I am now available for bookings as a "keynote", panelist, or program presenter. I have worked with organizations of varying types and sizes including, professional, youth, church, entertainment, and corporations. I have been a guest on panels and podcasts, and, I have appeared as a subject matter expert for various media outlets. If you think I might be right for your next event, click here and let's talk.





(Attorney, Professional DJ)


Once or twice in a lifetime you meet a person like Ron who enables you to see through the fog and clutter of your daily life and truly focus so that you can achieve meaningful goals. Ron provides that clarity for me. He enabled me to have the confidence and determination to begin a second career in my 60's that is totally unrelated to my previous profession as a corporate attorney. Ron truly is a creative visionary and a change agent.”



(Head Designer For A Major Luxury Fashion Brand)


They say that people come into our lives for a reason, just when you need them most. I can attest to my serendipitous meeting of Ron being just that. While I was most certainly not seeking a guide or mentor, that is precisely what I found. Ron is an active listener and makes me feel like I can comfortably share what I'm feeling or going through. His soft-spoken, yet authoritative demeanor combined with his own life lessons and masterful insights enable him to give unmatched advice in both a professional and personal capacity. I value each tidbit of wisdom he passes to me and continue to reap the benefits.”



(Operating Partner of a Private Equity Firm)


"I have known Ron for many years and have engaged his services in various capacities. Initially, he guided me in developing a personal style that truly reflected my core essence, comportment, and deportment while perfectly aligning with my role as a SVP of a Fortune 500 company. Later, as I transitioned into the private equity space, Ron's expertise helped me make subtle adjustments, both internally and externally, that seamlessly realigned me with the quite different corporate culture of that industry. Ron has proven to be an invaluable and trusted advisor, confidant, consultant, and guiding conscience. His gifts and talents set him apart. His exceptional listening skills allow him to identify obstacles effectively and craft actionable solutions, which has been the bedrock of our long-standing relationship. In essence, Ron's unparalleled dedication to helping others makes him a truly exceptional individual.”




(Educator Administrator, Student Engagement Specialist, & Media Personality)


"What can I say. Ron is a mentor and confidant turned true friend, who helps me navigate this thing called life. His wisdom, wit, candor, and patience keep our sessions productive and flowing organically. His insights and perspectives help me stay on a success track both personally and professionally as I continue building my media and student engagement businesses. Ron's genuine passion for helping others and his holistic approach to coaching keep me continuously progressing towards my full potential. He sees in me what I often can't see myself. This has enabled me to achieve goals that I didn't think I could."


(Co-Founder & CEO of HOME-OMETRY, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker) 


"I have benefitted greatly from my relationship with Ron. The many relationship and business conversations we've had and the guidance he's provided could fill a book. Ron's ability to cut through the crap to see the problem and, more importantly, his skill of developing effective solutions have proven invaluable. They have kept me from wasting so much time and energy overthinking things. Whether managing businesses/career, pursuing personal goals, or dealing with relationship issues, Ron has been an invaluable resource."



(Business Investor, Owner of a Development/Construction Company)


"I was at a crossroads in a long-term relationship and needed to make a decision about what direction to take. Frustrated, I was referred to Ron. He helped me take a tough look at myself, my partner and my situation. He shared numerous insights and provided some of the amazing tools that he's developed, including what he calls "Unique Life Metrics" (ULMs), "Core Values List" (CVL), and "Desired Partner Qualities" (DPQs). Using these tools, I was able to see my situation more clearly and make some difficult decisions for my life. I am now dating more intentionally and purposefully. The process of finding a compatible partner is now less stressful, more productive, and more enjoyable. Thanks Ron!!!!!!"


(Former Professional Tennis Player, Country Club Director/Coach, Real Estate Investor, Founder of a Major Sports Apparel Brand)


I reached out to Mr. D seeking guidance with my romantic relationship. As we worked through the issues, he helped me to see and transform aspects of me that negatively impacted my relationships across the board, romantic, familial and professional. My work centers around client interactions and service. Working with Mr. D helped me develop a mindset that has evolved the way I interact with people personally, socially, and professionally. As a result, I have found greater peace and satisfaction in all that I do. Applying his processes, I am continually seeing significant positive advancement in my romantic and professional lives.”

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