Life Performance Coaching


Helping others is truly one of my most satisfying "passions and purposes".


THESOULSTRATEGIST is my life performance coaching practice through which I help people more effectively navigate the situations and challenges

life inevitably throws at us.

How we show up and perform in life has great impact on our levels of success.

I work with my clients to tap into their internal power and potential to elevate their individual performances. Which, in turn, helps them actualize the soul-filling

personal, relational, and professional outcomes they desire.


I do this primarily by sharing the wisdom, knowledge, philosophies, processes, techniques, and strategies I have gleaned from a life full of varied experiences.

And while I don't profess to have all of life's answers,

I am quite experienced at identifying challenges and obstacles, then developing solutions that produce positive results.

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Plain and simply, as your life performance coach, I will get you to show up and perform more effectively to produce the personal, relational, and professional outcomes you desire.

Despite our greatest desires and efforts, life is not always a flat and easy track. Hurdles of varying heights and difficulties often arise in our paths. Whether across broader aspects of life or in front of specific goals, most can be cleared by ourselves. However, others require adjustments and/or training that we just may not be equipped to implement, or even see, on our own.  I get my clients to their personal finish lines and beyond.

Too often, even with "successful" high achievers, many of our hurdles and hinderances are self-manifested. Occurrences in our lives can produce deep-rooted emotions like anxiety, fear, and stress which, in turn, can produce doubt, overthinking, second guessing, feelings of inadequacy, impostor syndrome, and other limiting thoughts.  

Work with my clients always begins with me seeking clear understanding of their specific challenges and their affects. I then seek to identify and understand the various experiences, thoughts, and actions that have contributed to creating these challenges. I then develop a customized actionable plan that together we begin implementing.

As part of each client's plan, I share strategies, processes, techniques, and other wisdom that help them to re-align their attitudes and mindsets, regain control of themselves, and ultimately make changes that empower them to live more successfully, abundantly, and in joy across the board.


I Am Currently Accepting New Clients For:
- Personal Development Coaching (Individual)
- Relational Coaching (Individual)
- Professional Coaching (Individual and Corporate Programs)

Primary Areas of Focus:

- General Life Navigation
- Situation Management/Coping (transitions, challenges, adjustments, etc.)
- Actualization of Specific Desired Outcomes
- Creating Enduring Confidence
- Increasing Discipline, Motivation and Inspiration
- Conquering Procrastination
- Nurturing General Well-being (physical, emotional, spiritual)          
- Increasing Social/Emotional intelligence

- Personal Brand Development/Image Alignment
- Men Specific issues (developing positive masculinity in a new generation of gentlemen)

- Relationship Attraction/Navigation
- "Womanese": Interpreting the female nature, language, and actions
- "Man Literacy": Interpreting the male nature
, language, and actions


- Entrepreneurial Support

- Individual Performance Elevation

          - Identifying personal assets and liabilities (inward and outward)

          - Developing effective communication skills

          - Increasing personal efficiency and productivity

          - Developing workplace confidence and leadership abilities

          - Developing workplace specific social/emotional intelligence  

          - Improving states of individual well-being in the workplace

- Corporate Performance Elevation Programs (individuals and teams)

          - D.E.I. & B./BIPOC specific programs

An excerpt from "The Journey" with Pastor Mike (FCBCNYC)



I am blessed to always have solid mentors, coaches, advisors, and supporters in my life that I can call upon when needed. Individually and collectively, they have and continue to help me be the person I strive daily to be. 


Unfortunately, I see a lot of people who are not as fortunate as I. Many are moving "rudderlessly" through the unfamiliar waters of life...with little to no real guidance navigating their way. Most probably feel a void, but don't really know what they're missing or where to turn to find out. It is my passion to help as many of you as possible find and maintain more positive satisfying courses. I formally established "The Soul Strategist" to do just this, assist a wider audience in need of guidance and support.



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My approach/style is uniquely methodical, intuitive and spiritual, and is based upon eight (8) foundational principles, faith, gratitude, care, empathy, respect, patience, self-empowerment, and evolution.

Actualization of any outcome most often begins with one's mindset, vision, and focus. Mindset consists of the attitudes, thoughts, beliefs, opinions, assumptions, and methods we subscribe to. It ultimately shapes our habits, and subsequently, what we think, feel, focus on and do. Therefore, I concentrate heavily on developing mindsets, perspectives, and processes capable of producing success across virtually every aspect of life.

I am a result driven "critical thinker" who will tell you what you may not want to hear and illuminate what you may not want to see, so that you can become who, and accomplish what, you might not have believed you could. I am a proven voice of reason, provider of perspective, developer of direction, and facilitator of hope and faith.


I am also a creative man of solid spirituality and faith continuously striving to be a more thoughtful, understanding, compassionate, and nurturing human being. 

Over the years, I have developed a mindset balanced by faith, creativity and logic. This combined with the tools I have acquired and cultivated along my way equip me to develop and implement personalized programs that consistently produce successes.

If any of this resonates with you, click here to schedule your initial consultation and let's get started...




To be clear, I am NOT a therapist. I am a coach, a guide, a mentor, a motivator, and a supporter. As such, my most compelling qualifications are:

My Diverse Life Experiences

It is said that "experience is the best teacher". Well, my life's experiences and all I've gleaned from them have truly taught me well. My personal experiences and interactions over the years have been diverse, unique, and innumerable. There have been tremendous successes, potentially devastating challenges, and significant lessons. All have provided invaluable wisdom and unique perspectives. 

My Academic Training

I am a graduate of The Georgia Institute of Technology, one of the most exclusive and prestigious universities in the world. The education and training I received there and subsequently through the years have produce a mindset and skills that I consistently put into practice to benefit myself and those I work with.


My Continuing Education 

I am an eternal student. In addition to my own experiences and situations, I am continuously observing, researching, analyzing, and just experiencing everything around me. I work extremely hard to remain open and see things from as many varied perspectives as possible. I am continuously learning and evolving. And as I do, those I work with benefit.

My Spirituality and Faith

I am a man of solid spirituality and faith. Many see these attributes as inherently contradictory to logic and creativity. However, I see them all as essential to human existence. In fact, I truly believe that at times, one must be able to see and believe beyond the facts, to "see" desired outcomes BEFORE there is any evidence of them. Sometimes, we must even believe in the face of contradictory "evidence".


My spirituality and faith have played significant roles in my own successes. I help those I work with to identify and utilize their own faith (whatever that may be) in realizing their goalsOur spirituality leads us to our beliefs, our beliefs form the foundations for our faith, and these all subsequently contribute to our mindsets.

My Compassion an Empathy

The essence of my nature is caring, empathetic, nurturing, intuitive, and compassionate. Great balances to my logical being, these attributes enable me to be understanding and supportive while keeping my clients focused and on task.


My Prior Work and Results

I have worked with and produced quantifiable successes for myself and many others. Whether helping deal with a particular situation, make an important life pivot, achieve a specific goal, or find a soulmate, I thrive on helping my clients actualize THEIR desired outcomes. Working with me gets results!!!

This said, YOU are the best judge of whether I'm qualified to help you. If I sound like the type of journey partner you're looking for, click here to discover more about what I offer and get started...



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The Soul

One's soul is the essence of individuality, one's most authentic self. It encompasses reason, character, feelings, and behavior. It is also the place where most of our desires originate. And while souls differ distinctly from mindsets, the two are very closely related. One's mindset usually facilitates the actions taken to actualize, or impede, the soul's desires.


A strategist is one who helps identify objectives, develops a plan, then mobilizes the resources to execute focused actions. 

As TheSOULstrategist, I help facilitate the actualization of my client's souls' desires.




Coaching is often sought to help overcome a specific challenge or difficulty. However, it is actually a vital component of one's personal overall development. It has been directly tied to excellence in almost every field of human endeavor and is integral in taking success to higher levels, and ultimately, mastery. So, who benefits from coaching? Basically, EVERYONE!!!

Even many of the world's most "successful" and notable individuals have publicly acknowledged needing assistance "upping their game" from time to time, that personal coaches contribute to their successes.

As YOUR coach, I will:

  • Be your confidant

  • Be your sounding board

  • Help you identify, reframe or re-direct your thoughts, attitudes, and processes where necessary

  • Help you develop a balanced mindset that aligns with YOUR values and goals

  • Help you elevate your performance across the board or in a particular area

  • Tell you like it is and provide clear, impartial, objective perspectives

  • Look for things in you that you may not see in yourself

  • Help you identify and improve upon your strengths, talents and gifts

  • Help you identify and transform any limiting habits and challenges

  • Help you increase your confidence

  • Help motivate you to take action

  • Help you avoid making unoriginal mistakes

  • Be your journey partner and root for you

  • Be your accountability partner

Whatever outcomes YOU would like to actualize, I will help you get results. Click here and let's get started...

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