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(Attorney, Professional DJ)


Once or twice in a lifetime you meet a person like Ron who enables you to see through the fog and clutter of your daily life and truly focus so that you can achieve meaningful goals. Ron provides that clarity for me. He enabled me to have the confidence and determination to begin a second career in my 60's that is totally unrelated to my previous profession as a corporate attorney. Ron truly is a creative visionary and a change agent.”




(Educator Administrator, Student Engagement Specialist, & Media Personality)


"What can I say. Ron is a mentor, confidant turned true friend who helps me navigate this thing called life. His wisdom, wit, candor, and patience keep our sessions productive and flowing organically. His insights and prospectives help me stay on a success track both personally and professionally as I continue building my media and student engagement businesses. Ron's genuine passion for helping others and his holistic approach to coaching keep me continuously progressing towards my full potential. He sees in me what I often can't see myself. This has enabled me to achieve goals that I didn't think I could."


(CEO & Co-Founder of HOME-OMETRY, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker) 


"I have benefitted greatly from my relationship with Ron. The many relationship and business conversations we've had and the guidance he's provided could fill a book. Ron's ability to cut through the crap and see the problem, but more importantly provide simple effective solutions has proven invaluable. They have saved me so much time from wasted energy and overthinking things. Whether managing businesses/career, pursuing personal goals, or dealing with relationship issues, Ron has been an invaluable resource."


(Former Professional Tennis Player, Country Club Director/Coach, Real Estate Investor, Founder of a Sports Apparel Brand)


I connected with Ron seeking guidance with my romantic relationship. As we worked through my relationship issues, Ron helped me to see and transform aspects of me that were limiting the positive growth of many of the relationships in my life, familial and professional included. My work centers around client interactions, relationships, and servicing. Working with Ron helped me develop a mindset that has transformed the way I interact with people personally, socially, and professionally. As a result, I have found greater peace and satisfaction in all that I do. Applying his processes, I am continually seeing significant positive advancement romantic and professional lives.”



(Business Investor, Owner of a Development/Construction Company)


"I was at a crossroads in a long-term relationship and needed to make a decision about what direction to take. Frustrated, I was referred to Ron. He helped me take a tough look at myself, my partner and my situation. He shared numerous insights and provided some of the amazing tools that he's developed, including what he calls "Unique Life Metrics" (ULMs), "Core Values List" (CVL), and "Desired Partner Qualities" (DPQs). Using these tools, I was able to see my situation more clearly and make some difficult decisions for my life. I am now dating more intentionally and purposefully. The process of finding a compatible partner is now less stressful, more productive, and more enjoyable. Thanks Ron!!!!!!"

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