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My name is Ron Donovan, and I am an entrepreneur, a motivator, and a change agent. While many know me as a shoemaker, and the founder of Ron Donovan Footwear & Accessories, I am also THESOULSTRATEGIST, "The Outcome Actualization Coach".

Outcome actualization is a process of realization, which often requires identifying, transforming, and/or overcoming obstacles that may be blocking results. Simply put, I help people navigate their unique situations to achieve their desired outcomes. 


This is accomplished primarily by helping to develop mindsets, perspectives, and processes that are actually applicable across almost every aspect of life. The areas of my particular focus are personal evolutiondating, and relationships. More specifically, I am passionate about helping mature women, and young professionals understand and transcend the unique relational challenges each demographic faces in this modern age.

I have proven to be a voice of reason, a provider of perspective, a developer of direction, and a source of care that helps produce results.

An excerpt from "The Journey" with Pastor Mike (FCBCNYC)



One's soul encompasses thought, reason, character, feelings and behavior; it is the essence of individuality. And, a strategist is one who helps identify/develop objectives, determines the actions necessary to achieve the objectives, then mobilizes the resources to execute the actions. 

The name TheSOULstrategist reflects the work I do helping others connect with their authentic selves, their souls, to develop the mindsets trained to actualize their desired outcomes.

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Coaching can be a vital component of an individual's evolution, and is often sought to help overcome challenging or difficult situations. However, it can also be integral in taking success to higher levels, mastery. So, who benefits from coaching? Basically, EVERYONE!!!

Coaching has been directly tied to excellence in almost every field of human endeavor. And, even some of the worlds most "successful" and notable individuals often need assistance "upping their game". Many have publicly acknowledged that they've worked with personal coaches, and credit them with contributing to their successes.


As YOUR coach, I will:

  • Be your confidant

  • Be your sounding board

  • Help you identify, reframe or re-direct your thoughts, attitudes, and processes when necessary

  • Help you develop a balanced MINDSET that aligns with YOUR goals

  • Tell you like it is and provide clear, impartial, objective perspectives

  • Look for things in you that you may not see in yourself

  • Help you identify and improve upon your strengths, talents and gifts

  • Help you identify and transform your limiting habits and challenges

  • Help you increase your confidence

  • Help motivate you to take action

  • Help you avoid making unoriginal mistakes

  • Be your journey partner and root for you

  • Hold you accountable

Whatever outcomes YOU would like to actualize, I will help you get results. Just reach out, and let's get started...

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