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This virtual workshop focuses specifically on helping you to gain a deeper understanding of what you want and need from your life, including your mate. You will walk away with a stronger means of vetting potential partners and  subsequently attracting the love you want.



Due to Covid protocols, these workshop are currently being held via ZOOM. 


***Please be sure provide your name, e-mail, and a telephone number as requested, to insure we can contact you to set an appointment that's mutually convenient.***


I look forward to speaking with you. I thrive on helping YOU succeed...

"22 Days To Start: Attracting The Love You Want"

  • - Recorded orientation session with The Strategist

    - Daily encouragements to keep you on track

    - Weekly “at your own pace” exercises

    - Guide sheets & materials included

    (downloaded from website)

    - Access to replays of live sessions (Limited time)

    -  A 15 minutesummary discussion/Q&A session with The Strategist (Virtual)

    - And more

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