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- Finding it difficult to approach or attract the dates you want?

- Finding dating difficult, period?


Well, that's understandable. These programs focus on preparing you to effectively navigate the unique situations of today's dating arena. The dating landscape has changed drastically in these times of "Me Too", blurred gender roles, and societal value shifts. Programs like, "The Bachelor/Bachelorette", "The Real Housewives", and "90 Day Fiancé" have skewed many people's expectations of what good partners and relationships actually look like. Unfortunately, dating, in many instances, has become a competitive sport with ambiguous "rules of engagement".


Whether you want to simply date more frequently or effectively, have a relationship that needs work, or are looking to attract your soulmate, I am here to help you.


To get started, book YOUR initial consultation TODAY...


During this consultation, we will establish the scope of the project and determine the time needed. Programs are billed at the base rate of $400/ hour.  The fee for this exploratory consultation will be 100% applied towards your project cost when you commit within 30 days.

Personalized Dating Preparation

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