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These sessions focus on the unique situations young professionals face in today's dating arena. 


Do you find it difficult to approach, or attract the dates you want? Do you find dating difficult, period?


Well, that's understandable, particularly for young professionals. The dating landscape has changed drastically in these times of "Me Too", blurred gender roles, and societal value shifts. Programs like, "The Bachelor/Bachelorette", "The Real Housewives", and "90 Day Fiancé" have skewed many people's expectations of what good partners and relationships actually look like. Unfortunately, dating, in many instances, has become a competitive sport with ambiguous "rules of engagement".


Whether you want to simply date more frequently or effectively, have a committed relationship, or attract your soulmate, I am here to help you navigate this new world...


To get started, book YOUR initial consultation TODAY...



Our initial consultation is the first step in the development of your customized one-on-one program. The primary objectives of this session are for:


- Me to get a preliminary understanding of your unique situation, the specific outcomes you want to actualize, and determine if I can indeed help you.

- You to get a greater understanding of who I am and what I have to offer.

- Us to mutually determine if we connect, are a good fit, and feel that working together can produce the results we desire.



With the information I gather from our conversation, I will develop a program that meets your specific desires, then present you with a program proposal. This program proposal will clearly outline the outcome(s) we intend to actualize, an overview of our process, a specific timeline, and any other relevant information.



The cost of your program will be determined based on the program requirements and also clearly stated in the proposal. The fee for this initial consultation will be 100% applied towards your program cost when you commit within 30 days.



These conversations are usually held via either telephone or ZOOM. However, if this is problematic for some reason, we can discuss alternative solutions.


***Please be sure provide your name, e-mail, and a telephone number as requested, to insure we can contact you to set an appointment that's mutually convenient.


I look forward to speaking with you. I thrive on helping YOU succeed... 

Dating: Personalized Programs (Young Professionals)

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