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One's personal brand defines what they stand for as an individual. It is a culmination of experiences, skills, values and more that makes up and says who they are. 


Image is the general impression that one presents to others, and as the old saying goes, "first impressions are lasting"...


There are a variety of factors that make up one's image. Fortunately, many, we can absolutely influence. Probably, the most controllable are outward appearance, comportment, and deportment.


I help my clients align their image to who they are, their personal brand. I have worked with an eclectic clientele of corporate professionals, entrepreneurs, clergy, and even some notable entertainers, and athletes. So, regardless of your profession, lifestyle or tastes, I can help you to develop an image that most accurately reflects your authentic self and enhances your personal brand and image. 


Style Enhancement/Development

I can help you identify, refine, or create YOUR personal style. While the primary focus is often one's wardrobe, I can also assist you with personal hygiene and grooming, addressing physical concerns, presence training, social and professional etiquette, or even development of social/emotional intelligence development. 


Wardrobe Management

Maybe you're just not sure about what to wear for your body type. Maybe you recently made a career, or other life pivot and need to adjust your look accordingly. Maybe you're needing to put together the perfect wardrobe for a major event, vacation or other other occasion. Or maybe, you're just looking to impress that special someone.


I will evaluate your situation and develop solutions for whatever you need, whether it's refining, editing, or making impactful additions to your existing wardrobe or helping you build an entirely new one. You can trust that I'll help you make adjustments that are comfortable (ok, I might push your boundries just a bit), affordable,  and look like you did it effortlessly yourself. 


Personal Brand Establishment

And, if you are not clear about your personal brand, I can help you identify, refine, or establish it as well.


Get started by booking your exploratory consultation today.  During this consultation, we will establish the scope of the project and determine the time needed. Programs are billed at the base rate of $400/ hour.  The fee for this exploratory consultation will be 100% applied towards your project cost when you commit within 30 days.

Personal Brand & Image Alignment

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