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Have you dreamed of creating the perfect footwear for your special day? Looking for an unique activity for you and your bridal party? How about one involving SHOES? If so, this is the experience for you. It provides brides and/or their bridal parties the opportunity to design and personalize their own footwear in a private experience.


During the experience, each participant will be assisted in designing their personal footwear. They will choose from a variety of toe shapes, heel heights, heels, upper styles, materials/colors and/or other embellishments to create a truly individual design (contingent upon any paramaters established during the initial consultation). 



- Each participant will receive a rendering and description of the shoe they designed.

- The finished shoes will be produced, personalized and delivered in approximately 8 weeks.



During an initial consultation (up to 1 hour), the parameters of the experience will be established; number of guests, location, duration, any shoe design parameters (styles, colors, meterials, heel heights), cost limits and whether payment will be made by the host or individual attendees.


Consultations can be either in person or via telephone, SKYPE or WHATSAPP. The costs of the event and custom shoes are additional and will be determined during the consultation.



The initial consultation cost + costs of all shoes to be made + any event costs.

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