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More than ever, our daily lives are filled with unsettling and frustrating situations and challenges we must navigate. As a consequence, do you find yourself having those times that make you feel like pulling out your hair?


Maybe things aren't great at work or you're frustrated with your significant other/kids. Maybe, you need an objective perspective for navigating an acute situation, help developing a solution for a specific immediate challenge, a release from the world's turmoil, or just a compassionate non-judgmental ear. 


Unfortunately, too often, sharing at work, on social media, or even at home is just NOT feasible. But, I am here to help you get through it all.


I am a proven voice of reason, a provider of perspective, a developer of direction, and a facilitator of hope and faith. And for less than the cost of a New York City happy hour bar tab, I will help you unpack and offload whatever might be weighing you down.


Just choose the session option that's right for you, provide the requested information, and let's get to it. Whether you need just 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or more, I will draw from all of my education, training, intuitive/spiritual abilities, and experience to be threre for you... 

Soul Support Conversations

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