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A confident, stylish, well-dressed partner can be one of your best accessories.


Does your partner need a little help reflecting all that you love about him/her. If so, let me "upgrade" them as Beyonce' might say.


I will help facilitate adjustments that are comfortable for him/her and that make you jump for joy. I will help him/her create the perfect style for work, social outings, special occasions, or even just casual time at home. And, I can make it look like he/she did it effortlessly. It'll be our little secret.


However if desired, I can also  help him/her develop the tools needed to continuously maintain and elevate his/her own look.


Get started by booking your exploratory consultation today.  During this consultation, we will establish the scope of the project and determine the time needed. Programs are billed at the base rate of $400/ hour.  The fee for this exploratory consultation will be 100% applied towards your project cost when you commit within 30 days.

The Partner Makeover

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