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- Are you intrigued by all things Italian, the people, the culture, the food, the wine, the style,

the shopping?

- Would you like to experience Italy from a local’s perspective?

- Would you like to shop some of Italy's most popular footwear, accessory, and apparel brands at discounted prices?

- And how about the opportunity to actually customize your own footwear and accessories?


If so, you are in for an adventure you won’t forget.

On behalf of THESHOEMAKER’SSTUDIO and co-host Hey Lady💋™, Ron Donovan would like to invite you to explore and experience Italy from a native's perspective.

During our eight (8) days and seven (7) nights together, you will experience The Marche', some of its neighboring towns/villages, other more familiar attractions from a native's perspective. You will discover some of the incredible sights, activities, food, wines, and products the locals hold dear. I will share with you some of the many hidden treasures that have been shared with me over my years of visiting and working in Italy. 


Additionally, this amazing excursion offers incredible shopping opportunities. The Marche region is renowned for its production of footwear, accessories and apparel, and you will receive access to the outlets and factory stores of some of the most recognizable brands in the world, Armani, Gucci, Prada, Moncler, and Sergio Rossi to name a few. We will also introduce you to other incredible brands you may have never heard of. 

In addition to receiving a bit of retail therapy, you will get to live out your inner designer. You will be my guest in my factory where my team and I will assist you in customizing footwear, bags, and other accessories from my latest collections (one pair of shoes per participant is included with your trip fee).

Interested in going it alone for a bit, doing something more independently? No problem. We will happily assist you with coordinating your optional activities. 


Participant Profile:

Any fun-loving, roll-with-the-punches, mature 21-year-old+ with a great zeal life, a curious spirit, and looking for an unforgettable authentic Italian experience. A love of shoes, accessories, and shopping is optional, but appreciated.


Excursion Dates (Duration):

Sunday September 10, 2023 through Sunday September 17, 2023 (8 Days/7 Nights)



- $5,500/participant (2 participants; one double or two single bed COMFORT ROOM)

- $5,850/participant (1 participant; one double bed COMFORT ROOM)

- $6,150/participant (2 participants; one king or 2 single bed JR. SUITE) (Subject to availability)

- $6,800/participant (1 participant; one king bed JR SUITE) (Subject to availability)


Payment Options:

There are two (2) payment options to reserve your spot:

1) Pay your trip fees in full.

2) Make the requisite deposit payment and accept our monthly payment plan. (As you can see in the schedule below, deposits will increase monthly as we get closer to our excursion's start date. Monthly payments will remain the same until full payment is made.)


* Please note that when using our payment plan, the amount difference for upgraded accomodations will be added as an additional payment on August 15, 2023.

Space is limited to 12 participants, so reserve your spot by booking today...

The Ultimate Italian Immersion Excursion: Culture, Cuisine & Shopping

  • Day 1 (Sunday):

    - Arrivals & Hotel Check-ins in ROME

    - Participant Free Time

    - Welcome Cocktails Before Dinner (Included)

    - Group Dinner (Included)

    Day 2 (Monday):

    - Breakfast (Included)

    - Participant Free Time To Explore ROME

    - Meet And Travel To Civitanova

    - Group Dinner Adventure Along The Way (Included)

    - Late Arrival & Hotel Check-ins in Civitanova

    Day 3 (Tuesday):

    - Breakfast (Included)

    - Factory Visit (Product selections & customizations)

    - Lunch (Included)

    - Material Sourcing

    - Group Dinner Adventure (Included)

    Day 4 (Wednesday):

    - Breakfast (Included)

    - Group Outing: Awe-inspiring Adriatic Beach Day (Included) or

    Free Time/Independent Activities (Not Included)

    - Lunch (Included)

    - Group Outing: Beach Day Continued (Included) or

    Free Time/Independent Activities (Not Included)

    - Group Dinner Adventure (Included)

    Day 5 (Thursday):

    - Breakfast (Included)

    - Day Trip: A Scenic Journey Into Tuscany To Shop At "The Mall" Designer Outlet And Other Factory Stores Along The Way or Free Time/Independent Activities (Not Included)

    - Lunch On Your Own (Not included)

    - Group Dinner Adventure Along The Way Back (Included)

    Day 6 (Friday):

    - Breakfast (Included)

    - Shopping: Local Factories, Outlets & Retailers or

    Free Time/Independent Activities (Not Included)

    - Lunch (Included)

    - Group Outing: Vineyard Visit/Wine Tasting (Included)

    - Dinner at a beach dinner club (Included)/Party

    Day 7 (Saturday):

    - Breakfast (Included)

    - Group Outing: Visit Several Neighboring Hillside Towns/Villages or

    - Shopping: Saturday Market in the Town Square or

    Free Time/Independent Activities (Not Included)

    - Lunch On Your Own (Not included)

    - Meet, Organize, and Depart For ROME

    - Arrival & Hotel Check-ins in ROME

    - Group Farewell Dinner (Included)​

    Day 8 (Sunday):

    - Breakfast (Included)

    - Departures

  • Refunds for deposits and/or payments:
    Because our expenses are based on reserved spots, we will be unable to refund your deposit and payments if you decide to cancel your trip.


    Cancellation policy:

    The retreat hosts reserve the right to cancel or reschedule this trip up until June 1, 2023. If the departure is canceled out of your control, you will be alerted by June 1, 2023 and will receive a full refund.

    In this case, the hosts are not responsible for your preparation expenses, such as airline tickets, extra accommodations, loss of work, or any other cost associated with preparing for your trip. We recommend booking travel insurance, along with refundable flights/accommodations in case of cancellation.

    Trip cancellation due to COVID-19: 
    A full CREDIT will be issued if the tour is canceled due to COVID-19 travel restrictions or full border closure. This CREDIT can be applied towards any of our future excursions. We strongly suggest purchasing your own travel insurance for added protections.

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