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Ron Donovan:

My Journey


Walk with me as I share a bit of my own journey...


My Journey Thus Far

My life has been filled with rewarding successes, some real challenges and a number of major "setbacks". Fortunately, I have always had people around who have loved, cared for, guided, poured into, and challenged me.


While my years through high school were experience-filled, I will start sharing my journey at my entry into university.


- I am a graduate of The Georgia Institute of Technology.

- While there, I “walked on” to the university's ACC basketball team which included eventual NBA players John Salley, Yvonne Joseph, Mark Price, and others. 

- Being a member of the team, I competed against many other recognizable talents, including Michael Jordan, Len Bias, Johnny Dawkins, Kenny Smith and Spud Webb.

- After graduating from Tech, I established a flourishing corporate career before leaving to pursue entrepreneurship.


- My first business ventures produced nominal success, but I was not deterred.

- I have since evolved into a creative, an entrepreneur, and a change agent.


- Before long, I found my stride in the fashion industry where I have since founded and currently head several fashion related businesses, the primary one being, Ron Donovan Footwear & Accessories. Despite difficulties at times, entrepreneurship has been extremely rewarding.  


- I have had many eclectic experiences and some incredible travels.


- I lived for a period in Monte Carlo, Monaco and continue to spend considerable time in The South of France and Italy.


- One of my greatest experiences was walking The Camino de Santiago de Compostela (an 800 plus kilometer trek which began in the South of France, crossed the Pyrenees Mountains, traversed across northern Spain, and ended near the country's west coast.


- I have been blessed to have met some incredible people. Romantically, I have had relationships some amazing women. While some have been longer, and more serious than others, ALL have provided invaluable lessons. 


- Perhaps the greatest challenge of my life was being diagnosed with prostate cancer at the relatively young age of 47. Despite the fact that my life has changed significantly with my surgery and my ongoing treatments, I am extremely grateful to be a survivor. While not always easy, with much work and support, I continuously strive to embrace the beautiful life that I have versus mourning the life I "thought" I had lost.

I attribute much of what I have achieved and transcended to a mindset balanced by logic, faith, and creativity. This mindset developed over time, through analysis of many experiences, and many trials and errors.

Becoming The Soul Strategist

- Deciding to become a coach actually happened quite organically.


- As long as I can remember, people of all ages, statures, and relations, have come to me for guidance, encouragement, and support.

- However, it was a brunch conversation that turned the thought of coaching/mentoring into a tangible pursuit. My dining companion, a cherished friend and advisor stopped me mid-sentence, leaned in and said, “you should really be a life coach”. 

- Upon returning home, I immediately I began my work. I devoured any and all information I could find. I read books, searched articles, researched individuals, and listened to countless hours of messaging. I studied some the most successful coaches and evaluated their beliefs and approaches. I then compared what I discovered with whom I knew myself to be, the experiences I have had, my successes, strengths and gifts, my challenges, and my failings.

- The more I looked, the more I realized that there was not only space for me, but a void that I am uniquely gifted to fill. So, I clarified my vision, defined my messaging, developed my plan, and formally launched TheSOULstrategist.

I Wasn’t Always This Guy

- Most people, when asked, describe me as extremely focused, confident, successful, resilient, optimistic, caring, and empathetic. Many say that they admire my transparency, and the way I handle adversity. Most describe me as gregarious and fun-loving, regardless of the setting or circumstances.


I love that I am viewed in this way because it is consistent with who I continually work to be.


- However, I'm not always this guy. To be honest, there are still times doubt creeps in, when I'm not so sure of myself, or lack full confidence in myself. 


- It is only with serious self-evaluation, self-work, paradigm shifting, critical thinking, periodic outside help, and resounding faith, am I able to course correct and get back to my most authentic self.

- Who and what I am, where I stand today, all of my accomplishments, familial, social, romantic, and professional can be tied directly to my experiences and the lessons learned. 

Social Proof

While as it turns out, I have long been "unofficially" coaching most of my life, it has been made clear that many others need and desire to hear what I have to share. With The Soul Strategist, I have now accepted the challenge, and am formally walking in this important purpose.


It would be my honor to assist in the pursuit of YOUR desires, just as I have with others. Click below and discover the ways to work with me...


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