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(Professional Tennis Coach, Country Club Director & Entrepreneur)


”My work centers around client interactions and relationship building. Working with Ron helped me develop a mindset that has transformed the way I interact with people personally, socially, and particularly professionally. As a result, I have found greater peace and satisfaction in all that I do. Applying his processes, I am continually seeing significant increases in my personal and professional lives.”



(Entrepreneur & Owner of A Development & Construction Company)


"I was at a crossroads in a long-term relationship and needed to make a decision about moving forward. Frustrated, I was referred to Ron. He helped me take a tough look at myself and shared what he calls my "Unique Life Metrics" (ULMs), my "Core Values List" (CVL), and my "Desired Partner Qualities" (DPQs). Using these tools, I was able to move on from my previous situation and am now dating more purposefully. The process of finding a compatible partner is now less stressful, more productive, and more enjoyable. Thanks Ron!!!!!!"


(Recent College Graduate and Licensed Real Estate Broker) 


, only entertaining women who align with my foundational being can check out free content via my social media and blog ("Soul Speak"), and my forth coming videos, podcasts, newsletters, etc.


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