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To be clear, I am NOT a therapist. I AM a coach, mentor and motivator.  As such, my most compelling qualifications are the wisdom that I have gleaned from innumerable and diverse life experiences, and the fact that I am an eternal student. I observe, feel, connect with, and "study" just about everything. 


Additionally, there are my academic training, my spirituality and faith, my compassionate soul, and the results I've facilitated for myself and others. I am continually evolving, and as I do, those who work with me benefit. Continue on to learn more about my "credentials"...

Life's Experience And the Resulting Wisdom

It has been said that "experience is a faithful teacher". Well, life has taught me well. My personal experiences over the years have been diverse, unique, and innumerable. There have been tremendous successes, potentially devastating challenges, and significant lessons. But ALL have provided invaluable wisdom and unique perspectives. 


My Continuous Education 

I am forever the student. In addition to my own experiences and situations, I am continuously observing, researching, analyzing, and just experiencing the world around me. I work extremely hard to see things from my logical, creative AND spiritual perspectives.


Some situations require critical assessment, identifying the essential circumstances, causes, and factors, determining what each contributes, how they relate to one another, and what outcome they produce. While others are just to be accepted. All have their lessons. Ultimately, I use ALL types of data as the basis for guiding my own actions, and those of my clients. 

My Academic Training

I am a graduate of The Georgia Institute of Technology, one of the most exclusive and prestigious universities in the world. The academic and technical training I received there has been foundational in my becoming the "critical thinker" that I am today. All the knowledge I gained at Tech, and subsequently through the years, I continually apply, expand upon, and put into practice to actualize for myself and my clients. 

My Spirituality and Faith

As previously stated, I am a man of unwavering spirituality and faith. Our spirituality leads us to our beliefs. Our beliefs, form the foundations for our faith. And these all subsequently contribute to our mindsets.

Many see these attributes as inherently contradictory to logic, however, I see them all as essential to human evolution. In fact, often, we must be able to see and believe in our desired outcomes BEFORE there is any evidence of them. And sometimes, we must even believe in the face of contradictory evidence. I truly believe under certain circumstances, faith can defy logic.


Throughout my life, spirituality and faith have played significant roles in my successes. I help those I work with to identify and utilize their own faith (whatever that may be) as tools for realizing their own goals, even if their faith is just in themselves.

My Compassionate Soul

The essence of my nature is caring, empathetic, nurturing, intuitive, and compassionate. Again, these attributes serve as great balances to my logical and creative beings, enabling me to be understanding and supportive while keeping my clients focused and on task.


My Prior Results

I have produced quantifiable successes in my own life and facilitated even more in the lives of others. Whether helping you deal w particular situation, make an important life pivot, achieve a specific goal, find a soulmate, or better a relationship, I thrive on helping actualize YOUR desired outcomes. Working with me gets results!!!

This said, YOU are the best judge of whether I'm qualified to help you. If I sound like the type of journey partner you're looking for, click below to discover about what I offer...

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