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- You have built an amazing professional career, maybe you have raised or are raising incredible children.

- Maybe you've recently just completed a stellar collegiate career and are settling into your dream job.

- You have excelled at everything you've ever done in your life.

- You have great friends, travel extensively and can afford almost any accoutrement.


YET, you still don't have the relationship you desire. You probably just need a little guidance...


My entire life, I have lived innately in my predominant masculine energy, and have worked hard to truly understand it. I am well versed in the language of men. I have also studied and been greatly influenced by the countless female relationships that I have had, familial, platonic, romantic and professional. As a result, I have developed a tremendous connection with my own feminine energy and a pretty solid understanding of the language spoken by most women. 


How does this benefit YOU?


Being "multi-lingual, fluent in my native "ManSpeak" and proficient in "WomanSpeak"' makes me uniquely able to interpret men's language and behavior in a manner that will resonate for women. I will help you better understand just what most men want, think and need. I'll help you to see and understand hidden intentions, trepidations and motivations.


In addition to "language" challenges, many dating/relationship interactions stall because those involved often make simple mistakes they aren’t even aware of. I draw from my extensive experience and learning to help identify the things that could be holding you back, and help you affect any necessary transformations.

I get it, even the thought of dating can feel incredibly heavy at times. And you, like most of us, have had your share of disappointments. But, I’m here to assure you, this doesn't have to be your continued reality.


I will help empower you with the knowledge, skills and confidence necessary to relay your intrinsic authentic value. Which, in turn, will empower you to organically "attract", establish and nurture relationships matching YOUR vision (physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and financially).

And why do I care? 

Simply stated, I am a romantic, I love love. I am fortunate to have experienced some amazing romantic relationships in my life and while there have been challenges, I have learned much and am continually evolving. I truly believe that one of my primary purposes in life is to help facilitate loving and mutually rewarding relationships for others.


So, if you are ready to receive the relationship you deserve, click below and let's get started... 

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