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- Are you looking to realize more of your potential?

- Are you having difficulty producing certain desired outcomes?

Many of us have goals that sometimes feel unattainable, or areas of our lives that we might find challenging to transform. Fortunately, our potential and ability to realize these desires are usually far greater than we believe. It's just that pushing through by ourselves can, at times, be daunting and challenging.

But, you don't have to go it alone. I will listen to truly "hear and understand" you, I will be there to support you, and hold you accountable through it allThere is nothing like the joy of accomplishing what you might not have believed you could. 

As your actualization coach, I will help you manifest almost any outcome you might desire. Some areas of my particular focus are dating, relationshipsmindset adjustments, life pivoting, adversity coping/resiliency training, and image development/refinement. 



Regardless of the outcome, actualizing one's desires can most often be tied directly to one's mindset. Mindset is defined as the set of attitudes, thoughts, beliefs, opinions, assumptions, methods, and/or notions that shape one's habits and subsequently, how one thinks, what one feels, and what one does.


Together, we will assess and establish your specific goals, identify your strengths, and transform the thoughts, beliefs, behaviors and actions that may be preventing you from realizing your full potential, and/or manifesting your desired outcomes. We will develop and implement a personalized program that will develop, in you, a mindset balanced by faith, spirituality, emotional/social intelligence, and critical thinking; a mindset that will empower you to actualize almost any result you desire.








Our world is constantly and rapidly changing. And as a result, more than ever, many are finding it necessary to make major life pivots. Whether related to work, home, relationships, or finances, change can often be challenging. 

Together, we will thoroughly assess the changes you're looking to make, or determine if changes need to be made at all. I will be your journey partner as you move through your evolution process. 




As humans, from time-to-time, each of us encounters some type of hardship, challenge, or setback. Most of the time, we simply deal with them, then keep moving through. However, inevitably, something pops up in our lives that we can't shake so easily, be it a major illness, loss of a loved one, a shift in finances, etc. Sometimes we just need help.


I will help you develop a mindset and approaches that will enable you to more efficiently navigate and recover from troubled waters. I will help you work with the mental, emotional, and spiritual tools you already possess, and develop the ones you need. And as much, or as little as you want or need, I will be there to support, guide and/or hold you accountable.



- Do you like how the world sees you?

- Is it consistent with how you see yourself, or want to be seen?


If not, I can help. 


Image can be defined simply as the general impression that a person, organization, or product presents to the public. We can not control how others see us, however we can absolutely influence their opinions by showing what we think of ourselves. I have come to believe that each of us personally has three "selves", the self as created, the self we create, and the self that society creates for us. We are our most authentic selves when these three are aligned. But sometimes, this might require a bit of re-aligning, or even re-invention.


Once we have established the essence of who you are, have been, and determined if it has/continues to serve you, we will work to develop an outer image that most accurately reflects the inner you. Together, you, my team, and I will devise a program specifically for you, consisting of some combination of the following components:

Wardrobe Styling  

I can help you refine and edit your existing look and wardrobe, or help your build entirely new ones altogether. 


Experienced professional hair stylists, estheticians, makeup artists, etc. will help you enhance or create a healthy, attractive appearance consistent with who you feel yourself to be.

Physical Development

Health, fitness and wellness professionals across disciples will help you achieve the healthy, attractive physique you envision.

Presence Training

I will help you stand out in any setting. As needed, we will address areas such as carriage, etiquette, and social/emotional intelligence in order to increase your overall confidence.



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