Welcome to The Cordwainer's Corner,

I am so happy that you've chosen to join me here. I established this blog as a means of connecting with individuals, like you, with eclectic sensibilities, who appreciate style, craftsmanship, artistry and the diversity of life. My hope is that through sharing my thoughts and expertise, you might take away some piece of information that is interesting or of value to you, or... that you simply have an enjoyable time visiting.


While footwear, fashion and lifestyle related topics will probably be my primary focuses, I am sure I will often go tangential and touch on a wide range of other topics and experiences that are dear and personal to me. Each entry is called a "footprint" because it represents an important step in my life.

Thanks again for taking a journey, or two or three with me. I look forward to your feedback.

See you soon, Ron Donovan (The Cordwainer)